NATURE GROUP OUTING - week 23 - 25/02/15

Today our group went to do some primary research at the Natural History Museum, as well as at the design shop SKANDIUM. I had never been to the Natural History Museum and found it a bit overwhelming. I had to keep reminding myself to look for inspiration in things that aren't directly related to my topic. This has been a huge challenge for me so far in the project and it's a small reminder to myself that is ongoing. 

For instance when it came to looking at the furniture and products at SCANDIUM, right away I was drawn to numerous simply designed items but didn't think to photograph them. After looking around I realized that it's okay to include them in my research even though they may not be a direct reflection to my project, but are of a design aesthetic that I love. Basically that shop was a jackpot of beautiful Scandinavian designs [designs I had included to research in my proposal], ones that I would love to have in my future home..

Mary and I carried on to visit a second shop, FOREST London, which has been on my list to visit from the start of the project. The designs were beautiful but I really found myself focusing on the materials, and the beautiful woods that were seen in common between the pieces.

It was an exhausting day, but I definitely feel accomplished in a sense that I was able to move away from behind my computer and experience something other than the Wold Wide Web.

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