After thinking about what I wanted to achieve in this unit I wrote all my ideas down on word as a draft, and started to ammend the text. I described my aims and that I wanted to confront 'contentious issues involving communication barriers within the media.' To do this I want to analyse and evaluate the feelings of others as well as my own. Exploring government control and deception in the media - looking at subliminal messages, hidden agendas and dishonesty. The documentary: The most hated woman in Britain, how she wants media attention (for money) so she and her team make up stories and stage actions to gain publicity.  Through the development stages I will explore the term 'free speech' this could involve approaching it in the past and present and the effect it has had on civilians. Does it really exist? I want to demonstrate that as a community we believe we are entitled to say what we think, of all ages. As individuals, we have to be cautious of the opinions we voice, otherwise it may lead to prosecution or can strongly offend people and make enemies of them. I wanted to explore materials like newspaper and similar textures that I can create movement with. I want the material to be prominent and add depth to a heinous concept.  

I spoke of my initial research plans which I will begin to execute during reading week. To start by exploring newspaper articles, what can be believed, and should we trust the sources of the texts? To explore Gary Webb's articles, controversy surrounding his work and death as well as other voiced opinions of historic actions. I want to create a serious tone as well as hidden humour to show both sides to a story, two contrasting opinions. Exploring plaster, I also thought to use latex, as it has a rubbery texture that can be seen as smooth and glossy, or rough and messy depending on the way you manipulate the material. I know that for this unit I will explore mixed media, I don't like to limit myself with materials, and like to combine disciplines and explore the ways I can challenge a space or function with the textures and movement I can create. I thought it would be exciting to venture into performance art, as it is an area I have not yet conducted in the foundation course so far, I feel it will challenge me and my mind.

To create feelings and emotions behind my work, I am going to explore serene artists. I planned to start by exploring the art of Cady Noland and Richard Prince, as their practise has been likened and touched on as psychotic. I need to create derangement, unsettlement, misplacement and demonstrate psychotic elements. Using film, photos, written text, books, articles, online web to gather these ideas and portray indifference. 

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