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I found Maitland's work really caught my attention. The colour, the texture, and the unexpected imagery makes me want to explore these images more and more. It's obvious that these images don't make sense, and that's why they make me want to look at each section (object) separately and observe why and how these objects are where they are. Maitland has used digital manipulation process by collaging them in pattern or overlay against each other. This is why photoshop is offers a different feel in comparison to manual collage, which the opacity of how each layers interact with each other cannot be adjusted. Internet is an unlimited resource, meaning that which ever object I want to put into my work, I can just google it, unlike found images on printed media; what you find is what you get. Maitland also painted digitally, probably using drawing pad, in some of his work above. The images look really vivid because the paint brush in photoshop allows brush strokes to be bold in colour. Visually, these images are striking, but it makes me wonder about the texture of collage if it was done manually because everything here is done on the screen, a flat dimension work, whereas, how papers are being glued or attached together in the traditional way of collage is also interesting because it shows the work process behind each part is put together. 

Anyhow, I really like Maitland has introduced digital fashion collage. His style is surrealism but is also almost like a pop art with the use of colour. I'd like to adopt his style into my third experiment of collaging in which I would be printing out photos I took and collaging them with found pages on magazine.

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