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Re-Fire kit by Francesco Faccin

In this case, a beech spindle is rotated within pre-formed holes in a board made from linden wood, creating a device known as a bow-drill. The user kneels on the board to weigh it down and keep it in place. The bow-drill comes in an aluminium tube with caps on either end. One serves as a socket to put pressure on the spindle and the other is used as a container for the straw to be lit by the embers. A walnut bow is used to spin the beech stick fast enough to create a spark. The spindle is stayed using a hole made by a loop in the rope, held in tension by a brass screw, then rolled back and forth. 

The container that holds all of the necessary fire starting items is really sharp and compact. I think the design is very practical as it would be easy to pack on a camping or hiking trip.

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