Richard Prince has been in the news a lot lately for his courtroom battles against the laws of copyright as they apply in fine art. Some have even suggested that Prince's courtroom behavior—ambivalent responses to simple questions about his work—is  the latest stage of the artist's protests against authorship and authority. But Prince has been plugging along on a new suite of subtle paintings that use arbitrary configurations of rubber bands as a pictorial strategy. "14 Paintings" is currently on view at 303 Gallery in New York. (He shows with Gagosian in New York but has a long history with 303 that includes having been married to its owner, Lisa Spellman, making this project both sort of under-the-radar and very personal). He's also opened a semi-public project space uptown.Kim Gordon, the artist and Sonic Youth co-founder, and Prince are best linked in the public imagination for the latter's illustration of the 2004 cover for Sonic Nurse, but their dialogue goes much deeper. Gordon has her own stories of creative attribution, and here they discuss why Prince decided against using a pseudonym for this current show, and what would've happened if someone else made joke paintings first.

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