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Stand Up for Jasper

Jasper National Park in Alberta is one of Canada’s most spectacular and beloved national parks. Part of the UNESCO Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage Site, Jasper is home to Maligne Lake, one of the most photographed landscapes in the world. Maligne Tours, the commercial operator that runs daytime operations at Maligne Lake, is proposing to build a resort along the shores of this iconic lake.


The Maligne Lake resort proposal in Jasper National Park disregards the very policies and laws that are in place to protect wilderness and wildlife, now and in the future.

CPAWS is calling on the federal government to say no to overnight commercial accommodation at Maligne Lake because:

  • It contradicts park policies designed to limit development
  • It creates a bad precedent
  • It threatens at-risk wildlife
  • It doesn't respect the law
  • Canadian's don't want it
  • Jasper is a global treasure

Working closely with the Jasper Environmental Association and other partners, CPAWS Northern Alberta Chapter and National Office are raising public awareness about Maligne Tours’ proposal and the threat it poses to Jasper’s pristine natural beauty and wildlife. We are urging the federal government to respect national park policies and laws that were put in place specifically to ensure the future well-being of park wildlife and wilderness by controlling commercial development.

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