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"Borowczyk's animation is extremely complex. He uses a range of different elements: drawing, photographs, animated figures, inanimate objects, picture postcards, are combined to create a kind of animated photomontage, or even a film that is itself an object. He was exploring entropy. Beginning with an empty screen, an explosion gives access to a room that seems to have suffered from the effects of fire, or perhaps it is merely the effect of age on the old photograph, a memory of a lost past. From a pile of rubbish, different elements take shape: a stuffed owl, a trumpet, a picture, a table, books, the penal code, a prayer book. The trumpet celebrates and other objects form, notable an alarm clock.which becomes attached to a hand grenade which even tally explodes and returns everything to rubble.

Described thus, the film may seem overly schematic; in fact it is anything but. Working as a compelling depiction of the emergence of order from disorder and the inevitability of its collapse, it reflects Borowczyk's worldview, in which the instability of things and the fundamental perversity of the human will to impose order on nature combine to create tragedies that cannot be contained."

Taken from Surrealism and Cinema by Michael Richardson

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