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after the presentation I was most interested by the title 'ORDER' particularly the theme of order out of chaos. I began to think about the different things I could order. particularly looking at artists like Dan Tobin Smith and Song Dong.
An extract from my project proposal:


I am looking forward to this project, as large the amount of time we have to complete it will allow for a lot of development and should also mean the final piece/pieces will be more professional. I am interested in the theme of order, particularly order out of chaos. I am inspired by artist Song Dong, and I would like to catalogue every single item in my house. Then find an interesting and obscure way of presenting the list of items, perhaps in some sort of graph or spread sheet. I have begun looking at the book ‘Beautiful Evidence’ By Edward Tufte, which is a book on ‘The visual display of quantitative information’. It shows hundreds of different ways people have recorded and presented information throughout history. Some interesting ways of presenting the list of items, could be by colour, use, value, sentimentality, materials, size, weight, mileage from where it was made, or themes. I need to continue to seek inspiration on the different ways of presenting my inspiration, this will include going to galleries, talking to people, looking at scientific and technical approaches to recording data as well as artistic and historical methods. Eventually I could create a book or series of illustrations, photographs or graphs to show my findings. I will begin the project by cataloguing smaller things, like my wardrobe, book shelf and makeup bag. Then I will continue to do larger spaces, like my room. Hopefully this will lead to me being able to record my whole house. Providing an insight into what makes up a modern family household.


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