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"Art and life could be regenerated by liberating the subconscious mind.

Traditional Western culture had no more to offer the world and that a clean break needed to be made.

Surrealism would not offer a new and easier means of expression, nor was it to be a metaphysical kind of poetry; it would be a means to the total liberation of the mind and of everything that resembled it.

Ephemeral rubbish pictures

Surrealists were an eclectic group without a common style of painting and united only in turning to their subconscious for inspiration.

The new art would express the hidden desires and wishes of all the people with the innocence of childhood and would therefore be easily accessible to everyone.

Painting pictures of recognizable objects, though these were sometimes distorted and place in unusual situations."

Taken from The Art of Surrealists by Edmund Swinglehurst

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