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week 2




In the morning we had a talk by Dal Chodha from the FPI course at Epsom university. As I'm from Surrey I know Epsom quite well and listening to the talk I really like the sound of the course details. The idea of 90 students does worry me slightly as I like a more intimate setting to work in yet he advised me that you are filtered down in to manageable groups of no more than 30 which is promising. I also really like the aspect of having the last term of year 2 as a compulsory work placement term as I feel learning in the industry for the job I want to do is the best way possible. 

Today was a styling workshop day and we got to rummage through the group's findings and style each other. I wanted to really have a go at mens styling in preparation to my shoot with Dean this Wednesday so chose to work with Rhoneil. I continued to work in the area of colour blocking and generally chose pieces that had an aspect of bold colour. This lead me down a route of not only styling but also directing with including props and guiding the models into certain poses I liked. From the pieces people had brought in I began to get more interested in texture resulting in a few good images that I could use in a 'texture/touch/feel' editorial in my publication. Later in the week I want go back and shoot some more shots for that idea. 

I have a photograph I took that has inspired me for this Wednesday's shoot as over the weekend I was struggling to decide between a rural shooting area and an urban street art backdrop area (images of which I sourced on the weekend). I would like to take shots in the Rookery in Streatham as it has a mixture between rural and open space which I'll play around with and see which I prefer from that. I think the street art as a background would distract too much from the styling I want to do. If I have time I might do a shoot with the street art yet using some all black outfits. 

Learning about the fact we can print booklets at CSM is such a relief of my shoulders as I had heard from another student that she paid £60 for 3 booklets to be printed, not my ideal. Instead I will practice some booklets next week looking at layout and colour, possibly bringing in my own sourced paper although I quite like plain white booklets tapping in to the minimal aesthetic again. 





Today we focused on the 'make up' of a magazine - layout, typography with image, different formats etc. 

It was really interesting to lay out all the magazines people had collected and get a clearer idea of what you know you like as well as innovative techniques used e.g. the publication with a hole in the middle of the spine. 

When analysing the difference between a limited edition magazine roughly £60 (only 500 copies) to a free magazine printed on newspaper there were obviously differences yet when looking at the photography used in both publications I feel they were of the same quality or at least technique > more photographic than the typical fashion editorial shoots. 

From the research today I know I like simplistic layouts with a white border. Although seeing Cereal magazine which uses this consistently throughout I felt a bit bored, so I like magazines that have the white border as a theme yet can freely use a full bleed for some shoots as some photographs lend themselves better to certain formats and thats okay. 

The introduction to inDesign was really insightful as to how easy it is! I will have a play around with doing formats for my magazine but I feel the real challenge is the printing process of the publication e.g. papers used, when the printers go wrong, order of pages messing up etc. With this in mind I want to completely finish my publication before I tackle the printing process of the publication as I then can give it my full attention without having to juggle shoots or changing fonts etc. 


In the afternoon we had a talk by Kelly Deesley from LCF. It further confirmed my thoughts about the Creative Direction course that I wasn't keen on when researching courses. I really like the sound of the Fashion public relations and communication course which focused on strategies for brands, writing pitches and proposals and having an interest in corporate and cultural affairs; its definitely something I will look in to more. The MA in Fashion Media Practice and criticism sounds amazing also. It's a 4 year course focusing on critiquing creativity, something I often do naturally when looking at any form of art. The last two she mentioned briefly were Fashion Styling and Production - a definite choice for me having looked this up earlier and having a great interest in those two fields - and Fashion media and communications which I will look in to more online.

Overall it was a really great talk that helped me think about what I want to do in the future and Kelly was a lovely speaker.





Today Mark Thomson from StudioThomson gave us an introduction to Art Direction, clarifying what that really means and entails. It was really interesting to see his work with Wrangler and the behind the scenes on campaign shoots as it were. I know from Jo's presentation about her work with the Lacoste L!ve project that the whole process leading up to the shoot had interested me greatly and I found Studio Thomson's work was very similar to this process. We discussed that it is common to be both a stylist and an art director, which helped me grasp the two roles and confirm I would like to be both yet focus more on the styling aspect.

Mark gave many examples of great curators, directors and general practitioners that he is influenced by that were great to research and take inspiration from.  

We then had tutorials with Mark in the afternoon. I really appreciated this time to get feedback from an external practitioner who didn't know us i.e. personalities and capabilities as it felt like how pitching your ideas would be in the real world. Plus, it's always useful to have a fresh mind to pitch and test your ideas on. Jo said in an email: Mark told me you had produced lots of work for his tutorial & he was impressed with the range of ideas too - so Well Done & keep it up! This was so nice to hear as with our group running over the time allocated I felt I may have sped through my presenting time and not expressed my ideas properly. I feel quite confident in my work produced as although I have lots of ideas I feel the majority have been completed. All that needs to be done is editing and general refinement. 



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