Reflective journal- DIAGNOSTIC

Week 9


The day started with a last minuet preparation of buying some unusual objects from the 99p store and charity shop at Archway on my way to college. From the 99p store I purchased, plastic cups, light bulbs, bat's, a ball, glasses, shuttlecocks, a cleaning scrubber and from the charity shop I got, a wooden comb, a toast holder and a spoon and fork pincher. When I got into college the first think the tutor did was show us a power point presentation about different sculptural artists. My favourite was Gregor Schneider because of the way he takes an object away from its natural habitat/surrounding. Below is my favourite work of his. The image is of a prison on a beach. Schneider's sculptures are presented as images and this links to our aim for the day of taking ordinary objects and making them into a sculptural piece, presenting them in a way which is not the 'norm' then presenting them further as images.


The main aim for the day was to look at shape, space, object and place. I really liked the making process of today and being left to play with the objects and see what I came up with. I enjoyed constructing the objects rather than making something out of one material. More images of today's work are in my 'my work' folder.



In groups of four we were given three images and instructed to discuss the similarities of the individual artists work and the visual connections between the pieces of art work. As a team we came up with the connection that all the artists use repetition with their objects and the objects in each piece interlock with each other. We then discussed everyday objects which would move together as a response to these artists. We decided on everyday objects because we thought the objects used by the artists as examples were things which were used everyday. We came up with, train tickets, glasses,VT, water bottles, underwear, socks, finger prints, mouth guards... Next we discussed the idea of a process. We thought of, printing,casting, stitching, stacking... As a group we decided to use chewing gum because it has a human trace and the process of chewing to disform the shape and lighten the colour then placed in rows made the piece personal and repetitive.
Feedback we received about our group work was it had a "personality" and the gum symbolized that "everyone is unique". Others felt it reminded them of "school" and "youth". More feedback we received was it "looks really cool, hiding the gum is very playful",it was an "interesting way of showing an organised mess", "good composition" and one person said they can "see a counting process, time mark and well communicated". However the outcome would have been better if we used "more gum" , "smaller pieces" and "different colours". 
The second part to the day we were instructed to work individually focusing mainly on the process. After the workshop induction and from previous experience of working with plaster I decided to spend the rest of the afternoon making up plaster mixture and casting my finger prints, inside of my palm and a plastic cup I found. I enjoyed casting my skin because of the outcome I received of the creases, lines, veins and DNA. Recording the skin gave a very personal approach to my work similar to chewing the gum. 
Feedback I received from my casting pieces were "I like how you have presented the work" and, "I think you have been successful in trying out lots of different castings and I especially like the cup- perhaps you could try scrunched up cups." 


After reviewing yesterdays feedback about my castings I decided to develop my final stage of this project with the cups. I came to this conclusion because they were all the same shape and I could get hold of multiple cups (like the  example artists from day 1). I also wanted to use objects from the first day when making the sculptures. Looking on from the process of squeezing and crushing from yesterday I decided to crush and squeeze the cups in different ways. 
I presented my final castings in a documented format. They were displayed in order of two rows of three starting with the mostly crushed to the least crushed. Feedback I received was the castings look as if they have a "relation to people" they look like people "praying". They also look as if they have "different identities" because of the marks, folds and creases. Another comment which one of my peers made was they liked how originally the plastic cup was "thin" and easy to manipulate the shape, then to a hard "solid" casting of the cup. They were a "near perfect cast of something disformed". Comparison to my work was Robert Gober for the way he takes something out of its natural habitat and plays with the construction process of turning the mundane into a piece of art work which can be described as extra-ordinary. Examples of his work are below.
Overall, I enjoyed the practical and casting side of just getting on with something and experimenting. I feel that throughout this week of fine art I have learnt about new artists and exploring more in depth about process and how different materials work together.  


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