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BAFT-YR1-Television Studio Tutor Journal

group 2


group 1


The eight production teams

1]     The eight production teams

Production Group 1

  1. Maria Nunes Afonso
  2. Daniella Artry
  3. Aakriti Bhatnagar
  4. Jacinta Carr
  5. Holly Ann Davies
  6. Thomas Green
  7. Rebecca Jasper
  8. Oisin Kuhnke
  9. Darren May
  10. Viktor Pinneker
  11. Gianluca Schappei
  12. Gian Tofanelli


Production Group 2

  1. Ocean Afreh
  2. Poppy Ashton
  3. James Blowers
  4. Chujing Chen
  5. Dora Deak
  6. Lucy Hall
  7. Maziar Javidan
  8. Jon Victor Juaniz
  9. Connor Mcerlean
  10. Alice Procopiou-Rudwick
  11. Melika Shahbazi
  12. Olivia Unterhalter


Production Group 3

  1. Ahmead Redza
  2. Selen Aslan
  3. Josephine Bonnici
  4. Zakaria Chouay
  5. Sabrina Diamantopoulos
  6. Piers Hamilton-Thomas
  7. Sebastian Jones
  8. Ahhyeon Lee
  9. Daniela Kidonova Monteiro
  10. Holly Jade Remmett
  11. Ibad Shaikh
  12. Vicroria Volodina






Production Group 4

  1. Alkhansaa Al-Khater
  2. Mia Babic
  3. Samuel Bonham
  4. Jade Clarke
  5. Daniel Di Cicco
  6. Benedict Hanratty
  7. Daria Kocherova
  8. Olivia Lightfoot
  9. Thomas Morsli
  10. Jake Rogers
  11. Megan Skender
  12. Louis Yates Luckwell


Production Group 5

  1. Mohammad Alnatour
  2. Alistair Baines
  3. Harriet Brown
  4. George Coombe
  5. Myfanwy Mountford

     6.    Erin Smith

  1. Tamara Yazbek
  2. Emma Friedl
  3. Hedda Rudi
  4. Chu Xi Lin
  5. Timothy Koh
  6. Jie Zhou


Production Group 6

  1. Dalai Alnajem
  2. Joshua Baker
  3. Barbara Broadley
  4. James Cook
  5. Brock Everitt-Elwick
  6. Nadira Hendrayanta
  7. Vojtech Konecny
  8. Igor Ferrez-Lucena
  9. Quynh Nguyen-Dieu
  10. Aryan Salazr-Volkmann
  11. Phoebe Snellgrove
  12. Atikah Zainidi















Production Group 7

  1. Sara Antonova
  2. Tobia Baldan
  3. Alessia Camoirano
  4. Tasmin Dacres
  5. Stefan Fideli
  6. Roanna Holmes-Frodsham
  7. Panagiotis Kordas
  8. Alexandra Malancheva
  9. Luciana Nzambi
  10. Paula Sanchez-Amador
  11. Anna Subbotina
  12. Stefanie Zariho


Production Group 8

  1. Benedict Archer
  2. Reema Begum
  3. Samuel Cannan
  4. Gianluca Danieli
  5. Vladislavs Gerroics
  6. Michael Houghton
  7. Aygerim Kudaybergenova
  8. Jaoa Malhado
  9. Andrei Pastina
  10. Gonçalo Dos Santos Trigo
  11. Ruiyang Tian
  12. Zamil Zareen






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group 7

group 4


group 8


group 3


group 5


group 7


group 6



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