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Mua is a swing where love just happens, where lovers lie face to face, the best position for a long and romantic kiss.Ergonomically designed to fit two people in a intimate space, lovers lay down face to face just close enough to bring their lips together.This furniture takes the old rattan weaving techniques honed in the small shops out of town and transforms this knowledge into a tool to create the shapes that make up this object.



Loopita is the social chaise longue, a place where you just share a view, a book and a moment with a friend.Designed as a space for conversation, creating a public and private space at the same time. Through creating a sculptural and symbolic space we generate an emotional object.The process behind the creation of this furniture uses modern production techniques like CNC machining with handwork by experienced artisans in woodworking, creating a process we call digital crafmanship, giving the human touch to a digitally created object.



These designs are not good technical referance, but very good example of design of furnitures intended to be shared.  


Marleen Jansen


A project, developed after Marleens dissertation entitled being forced voluntarily on the subject of table manners. How to steer the user of my product? How to prevent people from walking away from the table whilst having dinner? Well, to solve this problem, she created this table with see-saw seating. If one leaves the table, the other diner ends up on the floor. 



Nice deep concept and problem solving. Maybe this is not practical product, because it looks inconvenient, but using see-saw sating is quite interesting and attractive idea.


Mark Huang



Tea For Two

This tea set is symmetrical and rounded, I think it is very good for couple,and this shape feels like a the warmth of home.


Bilge Nur Saltik


‘Share.Food’ examines the dining etiquette of the 21st century, specifically breaking down of rigid conventions and the emergence of sharing. The plates and cups are designed to give users the ability to shift their orientation to present a welcoming and easier means to distribute items. Sharing facilities the creation of a welcoming and intimate environment. BilgeNurSaltik8 BilgeNurSaltik11

When I think the idea of tablewares, I referenced the design.the idea of shift their orientation is so good which I have never come up with before.



Eszter Imre


“Everyone of us is a workaholic, so the most valuable time we spent together was by the dining table, having our meals, tea, or coffee together. We shared the space, time, the tools, materials, thoughts. A short break with a cup of coffee had a ritual meaning. I wanted to shape this meaning and make the moment even more personal and intimate.”

  Share the moment Caffee Latte and Tea 4 two 06

  Share the moment Caffee Latte and Tea 4 two 07

   Share the moment Caffee Latte and Tea 4 two 08

I  love this product It’s all about it  matches the ritualistic qualities of a coffee/tea break.Through the research, I have seen many two spout-pot, but I have never found the object is even the saucer stick together. I think her design archived what she wanted to make .



ten architecture students from Columbia University GSAPP


Polymorphic is a fascinating kinetic installation designed and produced by ten architecture students from Columbia University GSAPP in New York City. It is a kinetic installation utilizing an innovative design and engineering solution inspired by the simple kinetic action of a see-saw and the reverberating motion of a Slinky. The design is comprised of a double-sided bench which transforms through a series of 119 unique and interconnected sections into a chaise lounge and finally an interactive balance board. These sections are connected via an inventive pivot and bolt system which allows the vertical movement of one section to be picked up by others down the line. Together, this motion allows the installation to transform from a series of leveled sections into an undulating form activated through interaction with its occupants.


Very Architectural furniture, I really understand the skill of architecture is so helpful to create furniture.The changing form depending on the position of people is good to enjoy sharing. (I put the video of it on the moving images page)



one-off bench

VW+BS was invited to design a one-off bench, along with a series of other designers, using 15 wooden planks of varying lengths salvaged from the old National Stadium in Singapore. This is our effort and people have even started to sit on it.


I like the simple and unique shape. the part of the mountain form can become like a partition same as the idea of the side of my chair design. 



Matthew Kroeker

Splinter bench

The Splinter bench consists of two sculptural side chairs, each with a smooth and a jagged side as if they have been broken apart, or splintered from each other. When joined at their serrated ends, they fit together like puzzle pieces to form a sleek contemporary-looking bench. They can also be arranged to join along their smooth sides, creating a lounger with rough-hewn edges for an Arts and Crafts feel.



It is very similar idea of my chair, because my chair and this chair both are two aspects, one is sitting alone and the other is sharing the seat with someone.The jagged side is better than that just cut half straightly, because, it likes a puzzle, and looks playful.





Gabriella Asztalos

Hug Chair

The Hug Chair is a unique eye-catching design with high comfort factor, contemporary features, emotional appearance, exceptional quality craftsmanship and durability. The chair stands on a stainless-steel base that can fully rotate.


When sit on the chair people can converse facing each other  while relaxing. It is very similar to the design of ESTUDIO VICTOR ALEMÁN. In my opinion, circle is reminds me a good relationship, so I think  this round shape encourage the  people keep the good human relations.



LYCS Architecture

CATable 1.0

Peopole who lives with cat always has those kind of experiences: 1. Putting away the cat from your lap top was like a sentimental ritual of temporary farewell. 2. A proper sized hole could be so irresistible to cats. Their curiosity would be greatly satisfied through repetitively exploring the unknown path behind the hole. The design of CATable was a fusion of those experiences, as well a locus where the interaction occurs. It is a table for us, and a paradise for cats.



When I found this table, I realised I can design product not only share with people but also some animals.Also, the appearance of desk is very unique, the form looks like s some creature. I think the color of wood and design of legs lighten the oppressiveness.




Eindhoven-based designer Joon Lee looks to old artefacts when designing tableware that engages people to converse at the table. The “Drink Link” tea set consists of a teapot connected to its cups, directly linking every person to each other.Synthetic rope covering the porcelain was hardened through a heating process while the linkages to the cups remained flexible.“By mimicking an historical artefact through using a different methodology and material, I created my own interpretation of the traditional Delft blue porcelain,” says Joon Lee.

Drink Link Tea Set by Joon Lee

  So interesting idea,and reminiscent of a string telephone. In addition the combination of the materials (porcelain and strings) is unique and eye caching. 


Saenger Porcelain

 Bustle Mug Set

 four porcelain mugs (8 oz) and tray.



 I like the sleek contemporary look, great in the hand, easy to drink from.

Tea For Two

Tea for Two says it all, the stacking sugar creamer plays nicely with this set.


Small Set For Six

A collection of six cups and pot on carrying tray in a satin matte white glazed porcelain. uses include green tea, espresso, even sake.


The idea of put those in one is very nice, space-saving design.


Hans J. Wegner

 the Circle Chair

 The Circle Chair (image above) by Danish designer Hans J. Wegner. The design is a laminated ring with stretched, wide-meshed net. To manufacture this chair it was necessary for master of crafts Søren Holst Pedersen and master journeyman Henry Fisker to develop a special machine for manufacturing it in wood ,which Wegner himself actually did not think was even possible. The Circle Chair was Wegner and PP Møbler's contribution to the SE Exhibition in 1986. And, as usual, the prototype was not completed before the very last moment, the morning of the show to be exact. 



This shape is good for parents and child ( as a photo) and I think good for couple, who sit very closely. Because the wide-mashed net stretched , if people sit on the chair long time,may be they do not feel pain .very clever and aesthetic design.  


Beyond Standard


Poland-based BEYOND standards is a collaborative design and production studio led by Karolina Tylka (product designer) and Szymon Nawój (interior architect). They are dedicated to research material, technology and space relations, with a focus on searching for the coherent ideas in every product, space and process designed.At 100% Design, they launched the Coffee Bench, a movable bench and table that is a smart use of space. Inspired by the need to have coffee in the garden with no space for the cup or newspaper, they designed a smart, rotating unit that can be easily adjusted based on your needs.



This design is very clever because we can think lots of way of using. . The shape and technics is not so complicate but the outcome is so smart and convenient. It is quite practical bench.


Joshua Saling

Akbank Campus Bench

This privately-commissioned Akbank Campus Bench is the work of Turkish designer Joshua Saling. It is designed with the idea of magnetizing interaction of students on college and university campuses. The modified X-shape form of the low-maintenance Dupont Corian white benches can be combined in multiple configurations.The modular design of the Campus Bench is effective in the adaptation to limited spaces and to personalize on-the-fly to meet the requirements of the users themselves.


 When I see it, I recognized my chairs called modular design same as it. I thought modular design is very good for product is  intended to be shared, because it can be change the form case by case.


neri&hu furniture


Courtesy of Fritz Hansen

Neri and Hu have re-interpreted the chair as a love seat of sorts with the left arm of each of two chairs holding onto one another from two opposite directions. A small dot table has been added in the center of this arrangement making it a complete set.

It is very obvious chair for two people ( couple or familiar friends).The line of arm and legs are absolutely beautiful.


Kino Guerin

Why Not Bench

The main characteristic of Kino Guérin’s artistic approach is the search of equilibrium. This seems obvious at three levels : equilibrium between the work of art and the utility object, between the curve and the straight line and finally in the choice of materials. Noble woods and precious veneers coexist with industrial materials such as plywood. The harmonization of contrasting veneers brings a new facet to the notion of equilibrium, which, without being directly inspired by nature, nevertheless emanates from its essence. The aesthetic part of his creation, while of great simplicity, is the result of many years of research on both the shape and the technique. Most of the molding of the artist creative pieces is done by means of the vacuum press laminated process. 

Beautiful making technics using wood, and also I think the part of knot is good to keep distance between the other person.


John Tee

2 - spout - teapot 

The teapot's shape seems rather conventional, yet it is its function that stands out. As the name suggests, the two spouts of the teapot enables user to pour tea with ease in either directions.


A normal teapot is also good product for sharing , but this one is more specialized for using two people. it is cute form, this symmetrical form looks like a hand bag.


so-ro twin

Designed by a renowned occupational therapist, So-ro is envisioned to offer a rhythmic, front-to-back rocking movement that soothes and comforts your baby. So-ro twin is the only mini-cradle on the market that has a version for twins. In short, it is a mini-cradle that is surprising in that it combines the utmost functionality with an innovative, bold, up-to-date design that can be adapted not only to the bedroom decor but also to your living room decor.


I noticed designing product for twin is possible for my theme. I really like the simple structure, looks very neat. 



Gaia & Gino with Karim Rashid

Creemy tea and coffee collection


I love this interesting shape and uniformity. I think if  I use the tea set in a tea times, the time will become more fun by the unique shape product. 


Marc Brezing


SWAY is a visually light rocking chair consisting of a padded seat and a steel frame. The steel frame of the SWAY is powder coated. Uniformly upholstered across its entire seating surface, SWAY's unique design allows for many different seating configurations... including seating for two!The specially developed and patented telescopic mechanism allows the chair to be used in a number of end positions: armchair, sofa or chaise longue... based on your mood!


Having the both aspects that is not only for two people, people can enjoy this chair alone is good. I would like to design like that ( having both way of use).


pivot creative

book share bench clip: ruilbank  

images courtesy of ruilbankruilbank is a design intervention for public benches, which promotes social interaction and connects people through the exchange of reading material. amsterdam design studio pivot creative conceived a set of red metal clips that hug the outside of a park bench, attaching to its’ seat or back. visitors are encouraged to contribute and share by securing books and magazines to the apparatus.  the initiative hopes to encourage cultural trade and communal interaction in public spaces, navigating away from the boundaries of the computer where much of our social activity typically takes place. using existing elements found throughout the city, the project transforms a traditional outdoor bench into a place for community exchange.

the book clip is attached to the end of a park bench

It looks is very simple , but quite nice concept public and interesting approach to share.




 Future Primitives Collection

For Interieur 2012 we were selected for the Future Primitives series.  For us, Future Primitives means starting from basic materials and their basic measurements (like plates and profiles that already exist). In that sense it is something very primitive – the primitive side is about FORM. The future side of this story is more about FUNCTION, mostly the combination of functions. It is future-oriented thinking in a primitive form! For us, Future Primitives is something timeless because it is something that could just as well have existed in the past as it can function in the future.


I quite  like the simple line form and bright color. And the position of the people and is very unique.


Jim Rokos

My Other Half 

A pair of wine glasses, which allows the liquid to flow freely between the two glasses. Because liquid finds it's own level,it flows down to the lowest glass.Users must learn to cooperate, to drink their wine.



To be honest,the appearance of this products is not so good, because it reminds me a drip tube, so, the wine seems to be a blood. It is slightly creepy. But the concept of inducing corporate is so nice idea.



The Come a Little Bit Closer Bench

Have you ever wanted to move a bit closer to someone without making it too obvious?

Well now you can with the Come a Little Bit Closer Bench, designed by Nina Farkache for Droog. The bench features individual seats on a bed of marble that you can shuffle and slide to your heart?s content.

Take a seat and find out that it is hard not to have fun sitting on this bench. Uncomfortable silences belong to the past.



I was surprised the amazing idea. It looks very fun and playful,  people can enjoy to share it absolutely.





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