White Space project research

White Space

White space is immensely important in terms of graphic design because of the effect it can have, for example attracting the eye to certain areas of balancing the layout of a publication. In advertising, white space can be used to direct the viewers to certain areas which are important, or even take the viewers eyes on a journey from one section to another. White space can also act as breathing space, especially in media such as publications. It is daring to experiment with white space, and i think in the right circumstances more white space can be effective against colour and images. 



The dogma rules

Because of the limitations of the Dogma rules, the artist is therefore limited to what they can include. This therefore encourages the artist to be more creative and selective when deciding what they want to use. I feel that this applies to using white space as well, because if you are limited as to what you can include. Therefore you must be more selective, and therefore in order to keep the quality high you will become more creative to think outside the box. 


Cerith Wyn Evans

"Wyn Evans has produced a group of sculptures that question our notions of reality and cognition, perception and subjectivity, forming an exhibition as experiment, with recourse to scores, maps, intervals and diagrams.

He works exist and take form through the reflection on and interrogation of the world about us, adopting what Martin Prinzhorn has identified as strategies of ‘superimposition and contradiction, by concealing and revealing’



After having done some sketchbook work I then explored possible themes and went to the library to do some research as my manifesto was no to use the internet for research. I soon found an aisle of gender and this inspired me because there is a lot in the media about this topic and gender neutrality. As I was looking through some of the books the content interested me, and I took pictures of some of the quotes that interested me the most. 

It began to make me think about Gender and how we label ourselves, and some people believe that we are all born evidently a blank sheet. It therefore made me think about how I could portray this through photographs. 


Robert Irwin

"Robert Irwins  works attempt to highlight particular spatial situations, acting like brackets for our phenomenological experience.

Irwin has used light and subtle alterations of space to refocus the habituated eye, encouraging an awareness of the visual field around us. He has said that ‘the pure subject of art is human perception’: a conditional activity determined by context

Colour has the ability to put life in inanimate situations.’

The columns ‘sit on a delicate edge’, creating conditions where ‘you don’t think about whether it’s art or not art. It’s just about what you’re seeing or not seeing."



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