Julian Opie bath

(Sadly in this exhibition I was not allowed to photograph the work - so I have retrieved the images of the exhibition from www.holburne.org and www.theguardian.com)
I visited this exhibition in 2014, but I feel like revisiting images from it really influenced my ideas, especially in object week. Lenticular printing and lenticular images was not something that I was particularly familiar with, but after viewing this exhibition and researching more into the process, I really wanted to try thing idea out for my final outcome somehow. 
Opie's 'Collective works' were a very broad exhibition of his pieces, though they focused mainly on portraiture. Opie has a very iconic graphic style when it comes to his portraits, often being recognised for his album artwork for the band 'Blur' - with the very rounded shapes, thick black lines and block colours. 
What I loved about Opie's presentation of these images in his exhibition was the way that he stuck to his original ideas and style, though he also brought in a new element. Some of the portraits were on screen, and very small parts of them would move (looped film), including blinking and hair moving, and some of these were lenticular images. Some of my favourite images were the ones of people walking, a side view, because as you walked alongside them - the images legs moved with you. 
What really inspired me about this exhibition was the transition from one image to another, I wanted to create that sense of movement from one image to another but in a very subtle way - changing or revealing something very minor in the actual image, which really made an impact on the overall piece - similar to the ideas and motives of Opie in this exhibition.

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