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U4:: "Consider ONE of these human interactions as a start point; conversation, argument, fight, embrace. Using stop-frame, you will create a 20 second film and breathe life into inanimate objects- anthropomorphising them. In this project, you will learn the basics of using stop-frame; simple editing techniques and inventive ideas combined with an imaginative soundtrack"


t h o u g h t  p r o c e s s 


As a group we had to give  inanimate objects human qualities, with the theme of Fight. We had many ideas - playful fight, family fight, physical fight, mental fight - yet we decided to go with a Chocolate Orange and an Orange; a bad v. good food fight.


(we let you decide who wins)






Download Test One.mp4 [0.13MB]


Download 2.mp4 [0.23MB]

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