Collection: Fashion Communication Reflection

week 7




Today we had group crits with Jo on the shoot we had done on Thursday and our plans for the campaign. 

Rhoneil didn't seem well before the crit so I played around with the layout of the pictures for our poster having showed him the photos I thought were best, which he had agreed with. I would show what I had made and ask him for his advice yet it was quite difficult to get a response out of him. In the end he and Phoebe (not English) thought the last two I had done were the best so we presented those in the crit. 
The group really liked how I had laid out the photos as well as the images we had taken. They felt our use of pink from Phoebe saying it was a best seller was a nice touch. Jo wasn't keen on one of the poses as Jess' hand looked slightly odd so we chose the photo of Jess with the balloon and the stamping cake shot as the best two to work with. She felt we didn't need to do another shoot or make a film as our photos were strong enough already, which was pleasing to here yet I had some spare time so made a short film of close up shots of Phoebe's collection just as a personal project extension as I had been fascinated by Phoebe's emphasis on craftsmanship and the garments we had. 



Today we showed Joao our work in a mini crit session deciding on how to layout our photos and what paper to use. It was proving difficult to decide just one final layout for the pictures as they look good in many different ways - especially as a look book, which I will do as an extended project afterwards. Joao felt the balloon shot was best and liked how I had layered the photos on top of each other in another shot so said to go with that. He also liked Rhoneils layout which I really liked how he had cropped the stamping cake shot going off the page, yet felt it would be better portrait. However when looking at it again it just didn't look as good so we felt again that layout would be better for a lookbook also.

Printing the poster took some time as they had a lot of people in the queue so we had to wait a while. During this time I uploaded the footage I shot of Phoebe's collection (my personal project) and I'm quite pleased with how it came out. I will add some music which I feel will be the most difficult part as it's so imperative in a movie where not much is going on. Also Phoebe was quite specific with collaborating with musicians so if I had more time I would have tried making my own or collaborating with someone to commission some music. 




The day started with Tim and Jo being watched by an Ofsted marker which made for a much more scheduled and 'strict' style of lesson plan. However, I actually really enjoyed the morning session as Jo made some great points about pin pointing what a brand is which I think when I work with a brand in the future I shall definitely try and do at the beginning of a brief to make sure I encapsulate a brands true concept so as to represent them in the best way possible. We had to answer 'Phoebe English is..' and I responded with 'Phoebe English is a personal journey exploring the conversation between textiles and techniques'. The punchier descriptions like 'Phoebe English is a tree' or 'a stream' were much better and fundamentally more memorable so I would change my description to 'Phoebe English is change' as she is always developing old techniques and making them modern in her search for something different to the usual trends of the the mainstream fashion world.

When doing the group crit it was nice to hear through peer marking Aoi got our theme just from looking at the photograph which gave us some added confidence in this afternoon's crit with Phoebe. Equally others merely found the photograph intriguing which is even better, I feel as long as a campaign or photograph issues a reaction in the viewer you have succeeded as that encourages the viewer to want to find out more showing the marketing for the brand was effective. 

When Phoebe came in in the afternoon her feedback was that she loved the photograph and the research we had done behind it was very strong and interesting as well as clear to see through the final image. She felt that we could have pushed the pink theme even more by having everything on the set pink i.e. more props and then have this anti-girly girl in the middle of it all. I think that was a fair response and something we would have done had we had more time so it was great feedback in our eyes. 



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