Collection: Fashion Communication Reflection

week 6




Today we were introduced to our live project with British womenswear designer (and alumni of CSM), Phoebe English. I’m really excited for the live project as its great to get practice working with a client. Yet this project is much more free than I expected as Phoebe said we can do whatever we like with the pieces. I already really like her campaign shots with the minimalist installation yet I really want to take her pieces to a place I know she wouldn’t go so shall use installation but in another exciting way – possibly injecting colour. 

Rhoneil and I got to work straight away with such a broad brief and so little time I felt just going around picking interesting books was a fresh and free way to start. Phoebe said she didn’t have any fashion references in her studio so I split Rhoneil to look at fashion and myself to look at fine art and cultural references for a mix of both her way of working and looking at other ad campaigns just for awareness. I found it quite easy to think of ideas yet none that I felt were exciting enough or different enough from Phoebe’s work already made. Rhoneil had a hard time thinking as he has quite a strict minimalist palette in his work so far but wanted to break out so I tried to immerse him in some colour and set design books I found which really captivated him and reignited his thought process.




Today we presented our ideas to Joao in a group crit. He seemed taken by the idea which was good.

As it was quite a short day we were allowed to go off on our own devices doing more research for the project and sorting what we needed for the shoot. 




Unfortunately last night through to this morning I had been being sick so I was really not feeling well. Originally I wasn't going to come in as Tim had granted Rhoneil and I another day to do the shoot yet considering the time we had and having bought all the props including food for today I felt I had to come in. At least just for the shoot. After some re organisation we managed to shoot during the lunch break yet without Tim helping. I think it went really well with Jess working well with the camera. Rhoneil and I worked with the photography references he brought to bring the theme to life. The poses were really great however I feel we lost the ethos of 'girl rebelling against girly' a bit, the whole look could have been a bit tougher and grungier.

If I could re style the shoot I would add a black blunt cut short wig similar hairstyle to Debbie Harry. I would also have worked more on the smashing cake scene as I feel that was the best 'mood' for our theme. On the other hand the images are really cool but it's now a case of do they still represent what we wanted to say, and does that matter. Being sick again at uni I decided to call it a day which didn't allow myself and Rhoneil to edit and talk about the photos yet next week had allocated 'editing' days so luckily we can do that then.


Debbie Harry look:




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