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week 5




Today we had the architecture brief crit with Jo. There were lots of great work presented and different takes on the brief which i always like to see. I presented my poster at A3 size although I intended for it to be A2 which people agreed would be better. Feedback was that I should photograph them in their intended use so on a wall showing people interacting with the work which I had prepared to do this Friday. Jo suggested maybe flyers too as my poster was intended to spread the word about brutal architecture being a form of art, however, I don't feel this fit the idea I envisaged as I don't want to shove the idea down peoples throats I want them to see the building in its glory in the poster and be drawn to it then see it is brutalist architecture - showing it can be beautiful. 




Greasby's Auction was todays motive and it was most definitely an experience. It was quite stressful doing the bidding especially in a large group as some people were saying yes and some no which lead us to almost miss what we wanted as we were too slow or people outbid us. I think it would be much easier next time if half the group came inside and half stayed outside as we had already discussed together what we were bidding on. Some students decided to bid against other students which was not advised as it obviously makes it more expensive for everyone but people really got in to their competitive streak! The day consisted of a lot of waiting around for the bidding to begin but in the end we collected our luggage of mens sports wear which actually looks quite good. I can really see an urban shoot coming along with 90s styling but this evening I'm going to do some research into all areas of sport in fashion - commercial, urban, sports luxe etc. - to get a true feel of the look I like best for the project. 

Download video-1421418173.mp4.mp4 [1.87MB]



Today we did the studio shoot for our lost luggage project. From the research gathered, when the group and I met up yesterday, I found outdoor shoots are my preference for the sports clothes so I treated today like a test for styling the clothes and trying out new things.

After I had scouted the models for today I was glad the group liked them a lot really thinking they fit the vibe. Whilst we were waiting around I also found a girl with amazing striking eyes that I thought would fit perfectly and borrowed her for my individual styling/art direction time slot.

Working as a group I thought was really good and we got on well. However, when we were told the groups we had made were too large it seemed to set people on edge especially adding the fact we all ended to do a mini shoot of styling individually. I do agree the groups were too big yet as there was not a specified maximum it's hard to say no to people but I'm glad we did draw the line at 5 as any more would potentially lead to sub groups which is even more difficult to manage. Overall I liked my group as generally we had the same visions and people did speak out eventually when they did not like something which makes the whole process easier on everyone.

Doing the shoot we weren't given any help from the tutors which I found was nice to actually get used to using the equipment and lighting. I knew Pablo and Sam being friends and the guys they are would give a lot of energy and fun to the shoot which I felt was really nice. If I could go back and do it again I would try and pay more attention to details like trouser legs being tucked under by accident which irritated me looking at the photos in post production because it's something so simple, however it is difficult to see especially when you need to hurry as other people are waiting for their turn.

Overall I'm really pleased with what we have done today and quite sad that we aren't doing a group shoot this weekend as it now has to be individual. It would have been interesting going outside and collaborating with the group but at the same time this does make life easier organisation wise.



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