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Image Gallery updated

Posted by Admin User on 15 June 2015, 3:20 PM

The Image Gallery was updated to be more consistent, and to work better on mobile devices.

  • Images are now resized downwards on a smaller screen.
  • The Gallery stays at the same fixed size when browsing through images, instead of changing size according to the image on display.
  • The left and right navigation buttons are no longer hidden when the image gallery is in a narrow column.
  • Keyboard controls still work for slideshows - use left and right arrow for previous and next image, and home and end buttons to go to the first and last images respectively.
  • There are new alignment options for the slideshow. If your slideshow layout has changed as a result of the update, you should be able to reset it using the alignment options. In the majority of cases your page should not appear any different since the change was implemented.
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