Outdoor Play: Narrowing it down

Of Outdoor Play there are several sub-categories. 

Sports/Active - skipping ropes, balls, frizbees, swings, rocking horses, wagons, toy cars

Electronic Toys: remote control cars, sail boats, planes

Small Interactive objects:

light balls, bubbles, chalks, marbles, slinkeys, bouncy balls

things to be ridden: bicycles, scooters, skate boards, heeleys, 

Building: bucket+shovel, stick lets

Community: playgrounds, duck-duck goose, stuck in the mud, climbing frames, 

Weather dependent: kites, picnic sets, tents, wellington boots, 

Observing: objects representing nature, farm animals, sea creatures, books, binoculars, telescope, mini-camera, stethoscope, bug boxes, nets, fishing rods.


I'm interested in creating something that encourages children to be more observant of the outside world. This could be through educational books or through collectible objects that represent the outdoors.


More and more children nowadays are exposed to technology which often deprives them of physical experience of their environment. Absorbed in the inner world of a computer game, television program, or phone app could make them lack awareness of their town, city, and surroundings. 


I wish to create a product that encourages children to explore their surroundings more, be it their back garden, the park, the woods, their town or city. I need to think about tools or objects that could either aid children when they are outdoors to observe their surroundings or toys and games to play when at home so that when they do go outdoors, their curiosity would be heightened to observe more things. 

Children I find are generally naturally inquisitive. In order to awaken and maximise this inquisition however, they often need games or toys. Children, due to their physique, also have physical limitations when it comes to handling objects and interacting with the world. They also become hooked in certain activities or games, but once they grow out of them, those things they enjoyed most can be neglected. Thus, my design should consider a specific age group, their physical and mental abilities depending on that age, and characteristics that will be easily recognisable and appealing at such an age. 

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