2nd November

Up to this point, progress on the project had been good. However, I felt that we have hit a bit of a ‘mental block’ with our idea this week. We were trying to work out ways to incorporate the straw blowing technique and Rorschach ink with the installation. However, we were struggling with finding the progression path from this and didn't know where to take the next steps. Kathleen then suggested the idea of a Dream Catcher as these were meant to chase bad dreams away! This linked back to our idea from a few weeks ago when we discussed childhood fears and toys -this gave us more potential for ideas to head forward with.

We were then considering the idea of making a Dream Catcher with a tree in the middle that had all strings dangling from it, but instead of being soft and dropping they would weave in and out of the staircase towards where the audience would view it from. This related to our original idea (19th October) really well, as we looked at how the boy in the film was a child that had to grow up too soon. So, the idea of an interweaving web of strings represented his struggle of transition. As a group we discussed whether we wanted to do this in bright childlike colours or dark mysterious moody atmospheric as the story discovers both. However, we have gone with the idea of using bright colours as this juxtaposes the original atmosphere intended to create by the storybook. We did this because it makes you see how the audience can respond differently to the same source.

The texture of the wool was also considered, as string would be too thin and flimsy but wool is very fluffy and woolly which again represents the child's comforts. We asked ourselves whether this was the visual we want to give? Or if we wanted it sharper, more angular and unpleasant to touch. These are all things we need to consider for the next session as we now needed to consider our final products in a particular space. We could not depend on a certain space as these are chosen for us however depending on what we decide to do would affect how we would be able to present our idea.

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