This morning I had my progress tutorial with my tutor to assess my work so far for part 2. We talked about my university choices, and about the pros and cons of staying in London. I didn't really get any closer to a decision, but thought of new factors associated with my decision such as job opportunities. I have now received offers from Newcastle, Nottingham and Cardiff, so am trying to wait until at least March to make a decision or I will get distracted, and I want to enjoy foundation as much as possible. In the tutorial my tutor was impressed by how I was able to talk at length about my decisions throughout my design process, and we discussed how I had found it difficult to bridge analysing a space and designing for it without a formal client brief. Obviously I still hadn't managed to do any design sheets, and we talked about how I will be able to complete these over the Christmas break now that my UCAS is all done and I have become more confident in the journey of my designs. Overall, he was happy with my work and confidence in what I had done, and I know what I need to achieve over the break.

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