This morning I was late to class, but when I arrived the group were talking about the positives and negatives of different universities, which was helpful to know in terms of different opinions, but also confusing as I have no idea which place I would accept for next year and have already finalised my choices so I don't need help in terms of choosing where to apply. Then we were given handout sheets of examples of Suprematist art, which I liked looking at as I studied it in Art History last year. We each chose one, and then picked out parts we liked. From this, we made models to make the same shape but only from an aerial perspective, giving us the freedom to change angles. I chose to make mine from cardboard even though we were directed towards foam board, simply because I don't like the qualities of foam board and find cardboard easier to handle. I really enjoyed making the model, and at the end we drew the plans and elevations, which looked like more Supremacist art. I talked to the tutor because I struggled to link the work to my site and the idea of opening up a threshold, but he said there were many ways in which I could apply my model to my site, so I decided to have a more open mind in terms of form. 

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