Today was the crit for the Dense City project, and I felt like my idea and idea development was very strong, however I hadn't been able to do any sheets which I felt might hinder me when I would be talking about my work, as my sketchbook is small. We had some time to get our things together, so I glued my model down, and found some architectural people which made it look more realistic. We were put into groups to present to each other, and I found looking at some of the other sketchbooks really fascinating, in particular it was really interesting to see how some diagnostic students completed research; I saw lots of whole pages of mixed media collage that conveyed places effectively whilst still being quick to produce. The group though my idea was really clear, and liked the use of scourers as my main material. It was obviously pointed out that some sheets would be good if I had more time, but the overall feedback was positive. Then, we all took a quick go at presenting the base concept to the whole class, and the tutor liked my way of reaching my end design with my three words, but thought I should maybe go into the function of the design a little more, and relate this to the busy main road and surroundings of the site a little more to inform my design. This was something I'd only briefly touched on before, so it was good to get that feedback. Overall, I think there were points in the project where I felt overwhelmed and a bit stuck, but I sorted it out and now all my portfolios have been handed in, so `I have more time to dedicate to the projects.

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