This morning we were sorted into groups based on number of ideas, so I was in a group for people with two ideas as I have two main concepts. I liked listening to other people as I saw that some people had chosen huge sites like the whole of Clapham Common, and others were tiny in comparison like mine. When I talked through my work with my group, they thought it would be far more interesting to try and contrast to the architecture already there with some modern, organic forms. They also highlighted that this would tie into my research on catenary structures on Tuesday. I think this idea of round forms that can't be measured and exact like straight lines scares me, as I prefer thinking about things that are right or wrong and can be drawn easily in perspective. However, the catenary structure day made me see that round curves can be used much more easily than I thought for space making, so I would like to at least attempt designing a space using organic forms. In the afternoon, I started making a new site model, as the previous one had been out of foam board which was far too time consuming and too thick a material to produce the detail I needed. My paper model was much more successful, and made me feel a lot more positive about the project.

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