The reality of paint day 1

Robert Rymans interview was extremely useful to me, It allowed me to approach today with a new focus on the material, which I embraced as it removed any pressure to find deep and meaningful concepts. My approach was to use chance and bi products of traditional paintings as a way to truthfully create works that were completely focused on the medium,instead of having my aesthetic influencing the work. For example my first piece was using old cloth that I had used to clean my brushes, these were used way before this project, yet I always liked the colours and patterns accidentally merging on the material, and thought it perfectly answered my worries about my piece being influenced by my style. I wanted to cast the cloths in clear resin boxes, as that wold make them more permanent yet not distracting from the delicate nature. However I discovered quite quickly that this was completely out of my budget so I went to the skip and found metal wires that I used to enclose the cloth which I then precariously hung on the wall. This balance and fragility simply emphasized the colours of the cloth, not detracting from it.

© Clara Frain-Atallah, all rights reserved


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