Visit to the Sophia contemporary gallery

At the Sophia contemporary Gallery, I saw a two room exhibition named, ‘Painting in the Digital age’, I found the exhibition through research online and was a little shocked by how specific it was to the project. With impressive paintings and prints seen on all sorts of surfaces, it was one acrylic on canvas painting by Josh Reames that stood out. What resonated with me was the use of just one medium, such a variety of textures and effects collaged into one painting to create an alluring and powerful effect, it was completely unlike the other paintings that I usually favour, yet his extensive manipulation of the one medium that I wanted to adopt for future projects. Though I admired his application I found that I favored the colour composition of the other paintings as they were more similar to the thought out palette of my painting( in particular the dye transfers onto polymesh by David Bradley. I'm going to further research his work as I enjoy the eerie quality created through colour and transparency, despite the seemingly delicate subject matter.

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