Day 1 of 2D specialism

I brought in two complete opposite images to be manipulated, one very staged and graphic; the other more natural and reflective of society and youth life. I did this so that I could explore the various techniques of cutting and scrunching and get completely different outcomes. The photo I was using of my friends had a soft pink palette that contrasted to the gritty reality of what was depicted in the picture, thus lending itself greatly to painting and colour observation as even the slightest accent off green or white stood out.

I  went to the workshop to find some scrap plastic as I wanted a smoother surface to work on to avoid going into too much detail, and to simply stick to the block colours of the photograph. I think the result is effective and in a small crit I could see that others responded well to the simplicity of the piece, and the hazy effect created by using such a smooth texture.

© Clara Frain-Atallah, all rights reserved


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