I think the colour combination and print in my outcome is successful, and has a dramatic effect when seen in my chosen location. I particularly like the graffiti style print I created using spray paint, I think it has a good sense of energy and furthermore conveys the idea of graffiti being a means of self-expression and art as oppose to a form of vandalism.

In terms of improvement I think the model could have be styled better so as to convey a stronger sense of narrative. During the crit, Oliver commented that the white t-shirt and necklace worn by the model detracted from the jumpsuit, and I agree that the clean white t-shirt is distracting perhaps if it dirtier and stained it would blend better with the environment and not distract from the jumpsuit. My crit group also liked my fabric slashing sample and said that I could have considered incorporating this into the final garment e.g. as a cuff, also they suggested that I consider making more of a statement with the prison numbers e.g. have the prison numbers as the fabric underneath for the fabric slashing, or repeat the numbers to create an added element of print. When discussing the concept of my project with my crit group they said I could consider conveying this concept more within the location chosen for my photographs e.g. prison bars in the background, mug shot style.

I admired one of the textile student’s work where they looked at mold as a source of inspiration. They created a sample combining clear PVC, neon yellow machine embroidery, and pink faux fur. I admired the variety of textures and colours within the sample, along with the unusual colour combination of neon yellow and light pink. I have always steered clear of neon colour as I feel they can look cheap and tacky, but after seeing this student’s work I have changed my opinion on this. Within the Fashion pathway I admired Bella’s work, particularly her outcome that consisted of a performance where a model wore white and was gradually immersed in paint. She printed out photographs that captured the byproduct of covering the garment in paint (this being the paint on the floor bellow); I liked how she drew the viewer’s attention to the byproduct as it shows a different and often discarded element.

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