When considering who I wanted to model the jumpsuit I thought of my friend Lydia who has pink hair, I thought her hair colour would complement the colourful jumpsuit along with the idea of self-expression.

I tried a few different locations to photograph the jumpsuit in. I was drawn to a closed off alley way which had yellow pipes trailing down the wall, I felt the colour of the pipes balanced the colour scheme of the jumpsuit, whilst also adding colour to the environment in an unusual way. Apart from the yellow pipes, I liked how the colours in this location were quite muted as it allowed the jumpsuit to stand out. I also feel that the seclusion of this area would make it a prime graffiti spot, so I have essentially ‘graffitied’ here with my garment being my form of graffiti. I took a few photos outside the Wandsworth police station but felt it was cliché, also the police station’s aesthetic was boring and wasn’t immediately identifiably as a police station. I lastly tried using a white wall with graffiti on it, but I felt that a white wall is quite a stereotypical backdrop and it lacks visual interest and narrative. I used a chain as an accessory but the effect of this wasn’t as dramatic as I wanted due to the small size of the chain links and the rusty colour, therefore it would have looked better with a bigger, orange/silver chain. I am happy with the garment but I think I could have considered the styling more e.g. use more chains, and use accessories e.g. plastic bags with the spray paint cans in them, hence suggesting the idea of the spray paint being alike to a confiscated weapon. In terms of styling I did decided to have Lydia wear a white t-shirt underneath the jumpsuit as this is typically what convicts wear underneath their jumpsuits, I also asked her to wear chunky combat boots so as to create a sense of androgyny.

© Renata Passaris, all rights reserved


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