I created 2 large-scale graffiti style print ideas. Inspired by graffiti artist NUG, I filmed myself during the spray paint process. The video allowed me to see the development of the print, and from watching this I could pause the video at certain points and use these stills as a separate print idea. I firstly experimented on cartridge paper, I liked how the spray paint dripped, I noticed that the closer I got to the paper the more concentrated the colour was and also the more precise and finer the line became. Although the work was inspired by what I’ve been doing in my other prints, I wanted there to be an element of spontaneity as I feel graffiti is typically spontaneous and unplanned. I then moved on to working on fabric, I found the fabric made the colours slightly less vibrant, however due to the construction and weave of fabric the pattern had a blurred effect which I think was more interesting than the cartridge paper. I will consider developing the fabric piece through sewing and manipulation, and maybe also through the incorporation of text. I enjoyed working on a large scale and found spray paint an expressive and enjoyable media to work with. I would like to now consider how to communicate the context of my project more explicitly. I like the idea of spray painting directly onto something; this made me consider spray painting directly on a prison jumpsuit hence linking the idea of graffiti and prison whilst also allowing me to show the self-expression of graffiti. I think having someone wear the jumpsuit as I spray paint it will allow me to understand the print idea in direct relation to the body.

I watched the short film ‘More hate than fear’ by Molly Manning Walker, which had an emotional effect on me. Seeing this film made me aware of just how corrupt our justice system is. After seeing this I wanted to create something that really comments on this issue and brings to light the unjust sentencing of graffiti artists.

© Renata Passaris, all rights reserved


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