I feel my project lacks focus on surface texture and so I wanted to experiment with making sample that solved this problem. I found these plastic bags with a printed label saying contents and date, this made me think about how inmates must put their possessions into plastic bags before they enter the prison, therefore working with this materials seemed appropriate as it links to the concept of my project. I manipulated the surface of the plastic bag using stitching, folding and mark making, but I feel that this plastic material creates a tacky and cheap aesthetic. However, I did like the idea of working with an object that has connotations with prison, this made me consider the idea of  prison uniforms, particularly the classic orange jumpsuit. I thought I could source a version of this garment and explore ways to manipulate it. I also experimented with fabric slashing (a technique I learnt on YouTube). For this I sewed together layers of fabric in straight lines, the top layer of fabric was then cut to reveal the underneath coloured layers. I like the repetition of the straight slashes within the sample; the lines almost act to remind me of prison bars.

© Renata Passaris, all rights reserved


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