I wanted to explore the media of spray paint today and decided to create my own graffiti styled print. Grafitti often says something to its viewer; whether that be simply a name or a more political/social message e.g. Banksy’s work. I wanted my work to comment on the ongoing debate regarding graffiti: crime or art form. For my first graffiti styled print idea I wanted to reference the incident with TOX and so included the quote “He is no Banksy, he doesn’t have the artistic skill’, I also included the words crime and art within the print but feel this was too obvious and cliché. Inspired by the works of Evan Roth I took photographs within my environment and, using my graffiti print as a reference, I drew on to the photo hence incorporating my graffiti within the environment. After some research into a specific criminal case involving the graffiti artist G.Money I decided to create a second print using direct quotes that I felt were shocking and revealed the unjust prison sentencing graffiti artists receive. I like the incorporation of text within the work as I think it acts to create a narrative. The quotes I feel act to reference the ongoing debate graffiti crime vs. art form in a more though provoking way than my first print.

© Renata Passaris, all rights reserved


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