After reviewing my photographs taken at the graffiti tunnel in Waterloo I was interested in a particular image of metals bars, what I was drawn to was the layers within the image. I wanted to explore this idea of layering through using mark making. I also wanted to create layers by cutting gaps in the paper hence creating a more physical layering effect. By cutting out strips of paper to create the bars I began to think about weaving and how strips of paper can be woven together alike to how fabric is made (warp and weft yarn are woven together). I explored the idea of creating a weave using graffiti photos I took in the tunnel combined with abstract drawings I did of this graffiti. I then explore transferring this onto the body, which allowed me to see how it could develop into potential print ideas. Using my photographs of the graffiti I created a range of print ideas on the body that combine collage and mark making techniques. I then developed by experimenting with techniques that made the graffiti more 3-dimenisonal e.g. I drew onto masking tape which I then manipulated by folding. I also experimented using materials like gold bubble wrap and pink bobby pins. Reflecting on this I like the use of bold, bright colours, however I feel that the work needs to have more context and narrative. I would like to develop my work by creating samples based on the graffiti patterns using more unconventional materials.

© Renata Passaris, all rights reserved


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