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The Basquiat exhibition was very inspiring for me and gave me a range of ideas for my ‘Colour in your Environment’ project i.e. ideas for colour schemes e.g. blue, pink, white, green, beige, & black. The colours and expressive qualities in his work are captivating, and I love the textures created with the use of mixed media. Something that I found particularly interesting was his sense of rebelliousness especially in terms of his graffiti works. On my way to the Barbican I saw two Banksy pieces that were paying tribute to Basquiat, I liked how these pieces were not within gallery walls, having them on the wall under a tunnel allows them to be presented as part of the environment. Graffiti is something I am interested in exploring within this project, as I feel it is an art form that acts to add colour and expressive qualities to an environment. What struck me about Baquiat’s work is how raw and honest it is. The childlike painting style challenges what art can be defined as, whilst also creates an innocence that is contrasted with the subjects/themes. I want to create work that is more honest and raw, and so I plan on experimenting more freely with my drawing style and use of media, I want to stop being so precious over my sketchbook and simply express what I want without fear of imperfections.

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