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A prison uniform is the unified outward appearance of detainees in a situation of imprisonment. It is typically adapted under constraint. Usually a prison uniform consists of a visually distinct garment. In most cases it is purposefully designed to establish a visual contrast to the outward appearance of prison officers and set up a clear distinction from civil clothing. A prison uniform serves the purpose to make prisoners instantly identifiable, to limit attempts of escape as prison uniforms typically use a design and colour scheme that is easily noticed even at a greater distance. The state of wearing a prison uniform in many cases provokes a distressful psychological response from the prisoner, as unlike civilian clothes it is worn involuntarily, typically reluctant and is often perceived as stigmatizing. The loss of individuality and self-expression caused by having to wear a prison uniform can have a detrimental effect to a person's self-perception and self-esteem. The orange jumpsuit is the most stereotypically recognized prison uniform. I would like to source an orange prison jumpsuit and transform it through spray painting directly onto the surface. The spray paint will give self-expression to this self-expressionless garment.

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