Sam Gilliam

I was particularly interested in Sam Gilliam's work, "May III" and "P.A.C, And Then", also his 3d one which was "After Micro W"

I found that it stood out to me the most in the whole exhibition. This may be because of the surface he used to paint on, and the technique he used. Although he painted on a canvas but the stretcher's shape has a bit of a difference on it, where it is bevelled. This created a subtle difference but to me it was impactful somehow. Also, the techniques he uses on the canvas to create a cloth like texture drawn my attention to it because it made the piece look delicate.

Although the pieces seem to be abstract, but in my opinion the positions and the way the "cloth looking" textures are arranged gives the painting some kind of dimension and perspective, making it look like a painting of something architectural. This may only be my interpretation, and I don't know if the artist has intended for this effect to happen but I found it really ambiguous.

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