Tomma Abts

Tomma Abts makes complex paintings on paper and focuses on the process of creation instead of making meaning out of everything. She begins each work without any preconceived composition or idea on what she's about to paint. The paintings are made possible by intuition, however, in my opinion the paintings come out looking like the exact opposite, because they seem so precise and well thought out. While abstract, the works are still illusionistic, with focus on shadows. The work has a three-dimensional effect along with the use of a realistic light source.

I was more intrigued by the method of creating these paintings more than how it looks. To me, they look appealing, however at first glance I did not think these were "abstract" paintings. So, after reading about Tomma Abt's work it inspired me to create a piece of abstract work that placed more weight on to intuitive working and less focus on the meaning on this week's project.



© Matina Piamkulawanich, all rights reserved


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