Toba Khedoori

On the day of the crit, when I have already finished all of my paintings I came across this artist through one of my peers. I was instantly drawn to it because it has similarities with my work, however there is no doubt that they are different in many ways too. I found out that her work was actually created by oil paint, and I would never have guessed that because it looked so much like watercolour or a monochrome medium like charcoal. It was interesting to see how she had used such a rich medium like oil paint to create something that appeared very thin. 

Toby Khedoori's paintings portrays her attention to detail and her appreciation for the beauty of nature and everyday life. It is in a way, a message to us to take appreciate our surroundings and what we have been given.


© Matina Piamkulawanich, all rights reserved


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