The Photographer's Gallery

"Instant Stories"- Wim Wenders' Polaroids

This exhibition caught my eye and it is definitely one of the exhibitions that I really enjoy because it is both visually pleasing and also evokes my thoughts. It is a large collection of the film-maker Wim Wenders' polaroids. Although I'm not quite sure if I have seen his movies but now I am even more interested in seeing them after seeing his impressive collection. What intrigues me the most is 

"The camera itself is considered a toy, not a 'serious' instrument, and taking pictures with it is simply fun."

Just by changing the type of instrument we use to capture a moment in time gives off a whole new meaning to the work an changes the perspective of both the viewers and the photographer as well. To me, the polaroids also feel playful and carefree, like they were on a road trip to somewhere where they could do anything they wanted. Also, polaroids connote memory and having a collection of memories could mean that each snapshot means something to the photographer.

© Matina Piamkulawanich, all rights reserved


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