Today I got a lot of feedback on my overall 2-week project. In the morning we were given constructive criticism from our partners. Mine said she clearly sees where textures are coming from and there is a visible structure. She likes the consistent colour palet which I selected in the beginning and my use of different processes and techniques. She can see the connections between finished materials and self constructed ones. She would like me to put colour into my illustrations and look at my Final piece as more than garment. Furthermore think of it as large scale sample to use as anything: interior, fashion and fashion accessories and wants me to show this. She also wants me to make sketches with textures of mixed media and for me to make more colour studies before getting to samples. Additionally she wants me to use more paper manupulation to add texture and different presenting ways. She also says I use too much of the same techniques and wants me to extend on that. In the afternoon the feedback was fairly similar and they told me to use more mixed media and 3D-designs as well as putting my fabric onto a body working more with structure and shape of the fabric to be used onto a body! I only partially benefited from this feedback because on the one hand I know I have to further develop some of my techniques but on the other I didn’t think about using more mediums in some of my sketches. I will improve and further develop my current and future projects based on that feedback. 


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