First, the most important thing. Designer Manifesto

Today, in the 21st century, the problem of finding new stylistic paths is more acute than ever. The international style, imposed by Suprematism, has passed through all stages of development, and is looking for ways to enter a new stage of development.

In 1963, at a meeting of the British Council for Design, the editor-in-chief of the English magazine Design, Ken Garland, delivered a fiery speech, in which design was assigned the important role of the driving force of social progress. The speech was warmly received and all present joined the author's opinion. The speech was published in the form of a collective appeal and printed under the heading "First, the most important thing. Designer Manifesto. "

Numerous exhibitions, publications, discussions led the professional community to the idea that design can actively influence the environment. Design can eradicate social shortcomings, make reality more beautiful, more convenient and humane.

© Yelyzaveta Maryntseva, all rights reserved


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