principles - speed, movement, energy

The main artistic principles - speed, movement, energy, which some futurists tried to convey with simple enough techniques. Their paintings are characterized by energetic compositions, where the figures are fragmented into fragments and intersected by sharp angles, where flashing shapes, zigzags, spirals, beveled cones dominate, where motion is transmitted by imposing successive phases on one image - the so-called principle of simultaneity.

Dynamics of movement should come to replace statics of posing sculptures, paintings and portraits.A camera and a movie camera will replace the imperfection of painting and eyes. 

In the modern world it can be said that the Internet is itself the manifesto, because this is the platform where people express their opinion all the time. Also we do not use much the printed manifestos, because it is too long for people to read the whole text, so the common thing is short motivation films as a part of manifesto.

© Yelyzaveta Maryntseva, all rights reserved


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