Going to Hamley's was more of a pleasure than a task. I'm a huge child and I will always have an unconditional love for toys.

-1 floor

The first that could be seen entering the shop was the display on the stairs going down, forming a star was like a tunnel. Most of the basement level was dedicated  to the star wars franchise. Since Disney bought the right, SW merch is everywhere. From 100£ Lego boxes to virtual reality mask, passing by backpack and fluff, Star wars merch is no longer for nerd and adult fans.


This floor was for toddlers, everything was with bright colours and soft. I found out that most of the old toys ( toys that are made since a long time ago) are in this section. 


The second floor was dedicated to little girls, everything was pink. You could found dolls dolls house, diy product that's all. But off everything was pink or light purple. The lego collection for girls illustrates the stereotype the little girls: a little want to go the coffee place or the Mal, take care of her pets and drive her convertible. And the worse is that the collection ' lego friends ' doesn't even match with the normal one, they are not compatible

The Two last floor were mostly for older child, and when was filled with merchandise going from Harry Potter and Lord of the rings to DC Comics passing through WMA. Everything was meant to attract little boys with dark colour and violence displayed.


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