The strenght of the stone

In this children tale, the "stone"/brick wall symbolize strength, safety, and perseverance.The final house, the one that was the more time consuming to build, is the only one that resists the devasting breeze of the big bad wolf. The owner of the brick house chose to build it against the opinion of his brothers, that are being to confident. Whereas his brothers are playing the violin and dancing the 3rd little pig sings "You can play or laugh or sing, don't think you can make me sore. I'll be safe and you'll be sorry when the wolf comes to your door". Bricks make him and his brothers safe. It's solid and kind of eternal in this child tale. Stone is here presented as the most solid material, an eternal shelter.

/Three little pigs, a short movie by Walt Disney in 1933/

© Ethel Adary, all rights reserved


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