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A site specific project that based on the surrounding environment and combine its element into my work. 




'I woke up, in midnight summer wind. Confused as I trampling on my feet. I can feel the heat. I heard a scream from a distance: ’The moon is disintegrating!’ Curious, I looked up; there is a red glowing flames surrounds the surface of the moon as it starts to disintegrate into ashes. A shockwave soon follows. My vision gradually fades... When I woke up again, I felt a paralysing cold; there is darkness, no sign of sun, no sign of moon and no sign of life. I am alone in this world. Earth, covered in ice, frozen beneath my feet as I walk aimlessly in the pitch black night. Soon, exhaustion kicks in, my body grows numb; my strength withers. Lost, like a ghost without its vessel, a entity-less being...'


Lately I have been according some of the dreams that I remembered from when I am sleeping. All of the dreams that I have imagined are a description of surreal apocalyptic events that have taken place in the future.  Although there are only small fractions of detail from what I can remember but sometimes the surreal experience seems so clear almost like a memory. I have written a short pose to describe the narrative inside my dream. For this project, I wanted to try to create this kinds of scene and make it into three dimensional form if possible.




  I went to a field trips in Waterlow Park to take some photos and sketch out drawings for inspirations from different locations that I will use for the current project. I have become aware at the surrounding climate, how the ground is  dampened from the rain and also the windy conditions. I think in order to create a body of work, I will need to be aware of the materials and expect the changes in climate. 






IMG_3106.JPG   IMG_3109.JPG

                                           IMG_3118.JPG .  IMG_3116.JPG


These are 4 selected locations that I choose to use for this project. I was trying to select a location as far off site as possible because I wanted people to experience the feeling of distance compare to other work they look at as a experience of discovering narratives.





AIM (Draft)

For this project, I wanted to draw out inspirations from the apocalyptic dreamscapes that I have imagined inside my dream and transform it into a three dimensional form. Although this idea seems farfetched, in order to make it easier I will be using any collected materials that I could found in the location the widen my possibilities of producing the work. Also earlier on I have already mentioned that I wanted to create a large scale landscape that spreads on a open space field, but I'm concerned about the whether or not it will keep standing because there will be pet and other animals that mind destroy the work if it is not steady enough. In order to prevent this problem, I will have to find a way to install my work safely and fits in the environment.







FullSizeRender 17.jpg.3



Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 11.25.50 pm.png 









To begin with the making process, I started off by collecting materials that is not being used in the workshop. There are enough timbers for me to use and build into a structure, I have enough materials for me to work on this project. The differences in shapes and sizes of each pieces of timber bricks reminded me of Lego I used to build when I was a kid. Therefore without any further intent, I started stack them up one by one to attach them together. Although this may seems to be a easy but preparation for materials can be time consuming. While I was making this work, I sometimes feel like spending more time on cutting wood than physically making the work. Since I wasn't sure what I wanted my model to be, I often need to cut out more wood than I need just in case or save for the next model.







FullSizeRender 14.jpg.2


While I was making this piece of clay model, I was inspired by David Jacob's installation called 'Sound Sculpture'. The work reminded me of a blood pumping organ that makes the material he worked on seems to be alive. I was interested that how he manage to bring a dead object into live by using electricity. Therefore I wanted to try out this idea and by adding in some characteristics that represents like organs of a heart to try to bring my work to 'live'.

 After making this model, I realize that not all of the model I made have to be repeated and similar, I wanted to bring in some different element in some of the design to make each of the work seems different and original. I hope this will bring different variations and different characteristics into the sculpture I'm making almost like giving each individual model a personality.




       FullSizeRender 15.jpg.3     FullSizeRender 17.jpg.2 



 I have started working on making my second part of making the different parts for the body of work. I have already decided not to repeat the similar design therefore I wanted to remake something from the sketches I have been working on.I have also drawn some inspirations from the environment and learn to adapt the material that I discovered. This way of working reminded a lot of people of some of Louis Nevelson's, although this is unintentional but I  think this unrestricted way of working opens many possibilities in my work. The model I made today was using series of simple plastic plates and attach them on top of each other to make this shape.







I wanted to continue experimenting with different materials and how they would look like if I combine my work together. Today I have collected some materials that I wanted to work with, I found some old bicycle protector because I was interested at the shape and the design. After trying out a few composition, I manage to combine this outdated product into part of my work. I really wanted to turn plain, simple into unique and new.






This is a sketch design of the model of what it will be look like once being set up. The model will varies depends on what the end result of the model I have made. I have selected 3 materials (metal grid, sheets, fabric) to try out in the future work for this project.

FullSizeRender 15.jpg.2

 Scan 2018-2-12 12.52.19 2.jpg

This is for setting up and secure the balance of the sculpture that I am working on. I wanted to add 4 nails underneath the platform of the sculpture to attach it in the soil.




Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 11.07.38 pm.png.1


I decided to go through the risk assessment on the work I am making again to make sure if all of this problems have been resolved. My biggest concern for this project is still the climate and the animals that is in the park.






Today we set up our work from our selected location, in order to carry the work, I have to carry three times for me to deliver into my location. During the installation process, there is a problem that have occur. I realized the nails that attached underneath the platform of my work is not strong enough to hold it on the ground. This is because the nails that I found is not long enough and deep enough to secure the structure for my model. Therefore I have to drill holes on 4 sides of each sculpture and attach the ground with tent pegs. From this experience I have learnt to not over rely a specific tool for its convenience when setting up the work. 




















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