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This project was mainly a combination of the tow previous ones. All three projects were very similar in terms of approach, development, and precess because we were using the same methods and drawing techniques in each one. After this week, I was able to make a clear difference between fashion and textiles: fashion is focusing more on the body, whereas textile is focusing more on surface, texture, and pattern. Other than that, the two are pretty much the same. 

We had done during the development of this one-day project multiple various types of line drawings, which we have also done with the two previous projects; however, there was one which I found particularly interesting. It was drawing lines by responding to music. It was the very first time that was ever introduced to this technique, and it was intriguing to see how each line was completely different than the other, based on the beat of the music playing. It almost felt like having the music's beat transferred into lines. That's what was interesting. I have to say that I was not very inspired by this project, especially since the final outcome had to be thought, planned, and made in groups. My group was not very dynamic and our final outcome was simply a bunch of pieces (plastic, paper, tissue) stuck together, which we later on stuck on the windows. It did not have any meaning or purpose and it was too easy. Basically just raking whatever we found and sticking them together. It felt meaningless. I was hoping making a garment or at least the sketch of one, but my colleagues were not very confident about it and thought it would ave been too hard to make. I do not appreciate these negative thoughts. Everything is possible and you can accomplish anything. Many other groups have done final outcomes based on garments, so could not we? 

Reflection answers from teachers' questions.

I believe the precesses sued across the fashion and textile disciples are, as far as I know, mainly about line drawings during the development. There is a variety of line drawing types such as continuous line and blind drawing and different approaches like responding to music or switching medium every minute. I personally did not find very inspiriting, because it is simply not how I get inspired. I mostly get my ideas from looking and observing whats around me, which I later on turn into garments on pieces of paper. But the previous courses have been very fast and quick, which did not give me the time to appreciate these line drawing techniques, but I believe that I could definitely get and learn something out of them if I end up in the Fashion and Textile curriculum area. 

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