Tuesday, October 10 -Your project day 2

This project was mainly focusing on textiles, texture, surface, and pattern, but with the same approach as the previous project, We asked to bring five objects that have a history and mean a lot to us. In groups of 5, we had to create a structure based on our group's objects. Afterwards, we have done many types of drawings and manipulations leading to the final outcome. The whole development was pretty much the same as the previous project since they are reacting to the same area. 

I personally had not found anything interesting or inspiring in the structure we have made. I think that is simply not how I would have approached it. I would not have made up structure from those objects, but would rather think about concepts or themes that each of the objects relate to. Mine were my 18th birthday Bvlgari ring which my parents gave me as a present, a picture I have taken of my family together, a mapple syrup bottle given to me as a birthday present, my favorite novel called A Thousand Splendid Sun, and finally a small booklet of my very first drawings I have done as a kid. I could go on and on about the history of each of those objects and why they are important to me, taking a personal approach and thinking to each of them. Each of them expresses different concepts based on the emotion, the history, and other aspects of my objects. What they all have in common is love, affection, and attachment. Just these three concepts could make up the base of a textile/fashion collection backed up with lots of research. Unfortunately, we obviously did not have time for this complex approach of mine; however, if we had have more time, that is how I would have approached this project.  


Reflection answers from teacher's questions 

 My perception and understanding of what textile is have not champed at the end of the day. I already knew that it less about the body than fashion is and more about touch, meaning surface, texture, pattern, and structure. Working in in collaboration can be very beneficial for me, or the opposite, depending on the people with whom I work and the energy they bring in. If the other person is outspoken, is interested, and shares all their thoughts, ideas, and opinions, than you are definitely getting something out of it. You are basically learning from others, discovering other ideas and possibilities, and it is a strength for you and the project; however, not everyone brings a positive energy. Indeed, I do not enjoy being with someone who is very quiet and does not share hoe/her ideas; someone who does not speak up, even they do not like they idea. The worst that can happen to em is when I am put with someone seems uninterested and therefore brings a boring energy to the project and the group. One of the members of my group during this project even left class during the middle of the day because she found the project boring, which was very disappointing. 

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