Monday, October 9 -Your project day 1, your surroundings

This project was mainly about shape, silhouette, and structure. We were first asked to explore the King's Cross campus and record, through large scale drawings, a minimum of ten architectural drawings of shapes and structures of buildings we found particularly interesting or that we did not like. Afterwards, we had to identify one single shape in each of our ten drawings and redraw, on a different page, six of those identified shapes; though, they had to be redrawn with a different approach using different colors, materials, or scales. After this step, we had to select one new shape, which was created by the six shapes, and draw it with different scales on sketchbooks put together. Those sketchbooks belonged to other students with who we were put in the same group. We then ended up with many shapes on out sketchbook that did not make much sense and had to select three shapes from those, draw them on a separate brown paper in order to cut them, and make a 3D structure. When the structure was made, we were asked to draw it using different tools, approaches, and different ways and techniques of drawing lines. When we came back for lunch, we took those same three shapes with which we had made the 3D structure and draw them on a very large scale, cut them, and find a way to join them all together on a model; though, the purpose was not to make garments out of those three shapes, but to have structures coming out of the body. Finally, we had to draw our model with the structures on her/him again in different ways using a range of tools, lines, techniques, etc. 


What I had found particularly difficult, was managing my time. I struggled with time with all other projects, but more this one in particular. This project was in the fashion and textile curriculum and this project involved creating shapes and structures from architectural shapes and structures. Because it is something I enjoy doing in my free time and because I have a strong interest in fashion and textiles, I wanted to come up with something extravagant and beautiful. I basically set myself higher expectations than what was asked, and this is one of the reasons why I took too much time recording buildings through drawing. I wanted my drawings to be perfect and beautiful and went for complex buildings and I could not achieve that in a such a short amount of time. Its also because of my personality as an artist. I produce amazing things when I take my time and do not rush things, when I think twice before doing anything, and mostly, when I am in a quit environment, sat, and comfortable in order to maximize my concentration. This project was totally the opposite which was very disturbing to me. When I work too quickly and rush everything out, my ideas become blury in my head. During thus project, they were and I felt extremely demoralized. Also, I wish we were introduced to some terms and line drawing  techniques in advance in order to avoid confusion during the project development. 

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